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Equipment check-outs are released FRIDAY AFTERNOONS at the conclusion of the school day (4pm). Equipment returns are due back TUESDAY MORNINGS ONLY.  Crews/families that return equipment late, damaged, or incomplete packages will be held responsible for replacing/repairing equipment and the equipment privileges for EVERY MEMBER OF THE CREW will be suspended.

The Department will release 7 equipment packages a weekend.  Priority for equipment requests is based on seniority first, then by the date/time the request was received.  Students are responsible for confirming with the Cinematic Arts staff and following up to ensure that their equipment request is received, approved, signed, dated and time stamped by a member of the Cinematic Arts Department Office Staff.

In order to check out equipment, students MUST submit a COMPLETE PRODUCTION PACKET.  A complete PRODUCTION PACKET includes the following: *Please reach out to Ms. Farial Khan with questions and assistance in creating production packets.

Approved Script

Script has been read and signed off on by a Cinematic Arts teacher two weeks prior to the scheduled date of principal photography.


All scripts/projects will follow a strict MPAA PG-13 rating. Scripts that contain gratuitous violence, sex, profanity, or obscene drug use will not be signed off on nor screen at any LACHSA Cinematic Arts Festivals or Events.

MPAA Guidelines

Pitch Deck

A pitch deck is a visual mood board that portrays the “vibe” of the project. Keynote, Pages, and InDesign are great tools to create a dynamic and professional pitch deck (see Farial for examples/help). It must include the following:

Cover Page & Logline Page 

  • Character Page(s) - one page per MAJOR character

  • Location Page(s) - one page per MAJOR location

  • Visual Style Page - pull images that inspire the cinematography / lighting 

  • Thank You Page - contact info and logo (if you have one)

Parent Exec Producers

The producer, director, and DP are REQUIRED to have a parent/guardian’s signature stating that they are responsible for any equipment damage during the entire shoot.


Anyone assuming an Above the Line position needs to have this confirmed signature BEFORE principal photography.


Of those parents identified, one adult must be present on or near set at all times to ensure the safety and supervision of students.

Casting Breakdown

List of characters and Actors cast in roles (with photos) PLUS a description of each character (1-2 paragraphs per character)

Scene & Shot Number 

Scene Number: corresponding to the script

Shot Number: usually a letter


(35mm, 50mm, etc)

Schedule & Location

Each shot should be timed out by the producer. Be sure to carve out time for lunch. Include addresses of the locations used.

Crew List

Name of each crew member with their title and contact information. 



Camera Movement

(handheld, static, slider, etc)

Shot List

Visualized plan to complete principal photography. Each shot should have the following : *this must be typed out, overhead can be drawn

Type & Frame

Type: (clean, dirty, POV, insert, 2 shot, etc)

Frame: (ECU, WS, MCU, etc)

Action & Overhead 

(what is happening in the scene)

With Overhead Drawing

Production Packets MUST be PRINTED and submitted in-person to the department at least one week prior to the date that the equipment is requested. 


NO EMAIL/ONLINE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Students are encouraged to turn in their production packet as early as possible. All Production Packets will be reviewed and approved by the department. Templates will be available on the department website and in the Cinematic Arts Office.

EQUIPMENT REQUEST: There is a 24 Hour window during the week of principal photography/re-shoots in which Equipment Requests will be accepted. The window opens at 12 noon on Wednesday and closes at 1:20p on Thursday the week of principal photography/re-shoots.  Equipment requests must be received and signed off on by a member of the Cinematic Arts Department Staff.  Equipment requests turned in after 1:20pm on Thursdays will NOT be accepted.

Print out two (2) copies of your equipment request. One for the department’s records and one to use to cross reference that you have compiled and are returning ALL of the equipment that you were given upon check-out…Again, students/families that return equipment late, damaged, or incomplete packages will be held responsible for replacing/repairing equipment and the equipment privileges of ALL CREW MEMBERS will be suspended.

*The week/weekend after each film festival (during feedback week) will be an equipment BLACKOUT week.  During this period equipment will not be released until the following weekend.  Rob and the department staff will use this week to reset, assess, inventory and repair equipment that has been utilized throughout the department. 


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